2012 Is A Girlchan Year

MAN, 2011 wasn’t a very Girl-Channy year.

Fret not though, CHAN-FANS.  The character contest winners will still be featured in episode 4.  Girl-Chan is NOT DEAD!  Although to suggest she was in Paradise, like Dante’s “Paradiso” would mean otherwise.  But screw Dante.  Who speaks Italian anyway?  Italians?  Seen any good dubs of Italian cartoons lately?  Remember Osamu Trazino, Akira Tortorici or Hayao Michelini? Me neither.

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38 Responses to “2012 Is A Girlchan Year”

  1. avatar froggycompany says:

    Being the only person who checks this website, I am very pleased.

  2. avatar Kiwi says:

    This makes me so happy.

  3. avatar 3bdul says:

    conversely, this made me ANGRY

  4. avatar Asshole says:

    Assmouth Native: Me is Assmouth native, me mouth looks like an asshole…
    Kenstar: That explains everything!!!
    Assmouth Native: Me mouth looks like an Anus…
    Usuke: We know that! SHIT!!

  5. avatar zro says:

    I so want to know who the winners are.

  6. avatar Andy says:

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  7. avatar MrD says:

    I was waiting for October 2012, but news is NEWS!

    Welcome back to the fake-cyber-real-world Ego R.

  8. avatar XPI Sigma says:

    Wahoo! But I’m kinda sad to see that my entry wasn’t featured here. I followed the instructions (you know back when the contest was going on). Hmmmm.

  9. avatar Danistarr says:

    I had the same thing happen with mine too Sigma. I uploaded the image to newgrounds (and I think it showed up on the link) but it told me that an admin had to verify my submissions or something like that first, so I added a couple more pictures. Still heard nothing back yet -.-

  10. avatar CaptainHoneymoo says:

    it’s uhh… september :I

  11. avatar Wafffo says:

    September 24, 2012
    Still no Girlchan 4
    I don’t know if it’s worth living anymore

  12. avatar JohnnyH87 says:

    The latest post on this site was made in January stating that episode 4 was coming and that 2012 would be a “Girlchan year”.
    This comment was made in October, and so far it has definitely not been a Girlchan year.

    I know it’s highly unlikely that it will happen, but if you’re reading this Egoraptor, please make episode 4.
    I know you’ve been busy with other stuff like Did you know gaming and Game grumps, and that’s great, but there’s still people out there waiting and hoping for a new episode of Girlchan.

  13. avatar Waltrick says:

    I’ve waited more than one decade for Duke Nuken Forever, i can wai for Girlchan Forever too…

    By the way, sorry for my bad english, i’m just a brazillian guy…

  14. avatar Roger says:

    2012 was not a Girlchan year

  15. avatar Kiwi says:

    It was a Game Grumps year.

  16. avatar Eric says:

    There are only 25 days left in 2012. Any updates on how it’s coming along at least?

  17. avatar crow says:

    Egoraptor was a guest at one of Hotdiggedydemon’s panels recently, and I’m paraphrasing here but I believe he said something along the lines of “it’s on permanent hiatus”

  18. avatar MrD says:

    Ohh that egoraptor!

  19. avatar Adam Duffield says:


  20. avatar HNNNGGSDGFSGFDS says:

    Not a single girlchan was given that year.

  21. avatar rockokakamaru says:

    (tell me lies) TELL ME TELL ME LIES!

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  23. avatar andrew quiroga says:

    Cant wait for part 4! :D
    Im cool cuz im pretending!
    Im pretending cuz im sad!
    Im sad cuz im pretending!
    Pretending part 4 exists!

  24. avatar Saikex says:

    Ego you really left us hanging bro. You never told us who were the winners :( . I know you got a good thing going with Game Grumps, but could you at least hint us something about the new characters?

    You’re greatly missed in newgrounds.

  25. avatar Eric says:

    Three Girlchans made by Egoraptor,
    He had plans for one final chapter,
    He tried sev’ral years
    To come up with idears
    But finally gave up and scrapped ‘er.

  26. avatar Tom says:

    Does anyone even check this place anymore? :/

  27. avatar Buttcheese says:


  28. avatar Captain Bushido Blaster Buster Number One says:

    “MAN, 2011 wasn’t a very Girl-Channy year.”
    Neither was 2012…
    or 2013…

    I’m not sure exactly where he said it, but on some panel (I think on hotdiggedydemon’s) he said something on the lines of “Girlchan is on permanent hiatus.”

  29. avatar John says:

    Egoraptor’s dick looks like a brontosaurus and he’s not making any more Girlchan.

  30. avatar Matty Patty says:

    Damn, this place is more empty than Fallout 3 or Bubsy 3D. Anyway, just making sure this place is still here… it is. Take your daily dose of crushed dreams with a straw up your ass. Pee regularly. Next doctor visit is in a month. I’ll be seeing if you are still alive then. Take care.

  31. avatar Matty Patty says:

    Second visit, it seems as if I’m the only one here still, but surprisingly this site is still up. I don’t really see a purpose in this site; but hey, if it’s alive, than it’s alive. Continue taking your meds, take a shit every now and then, the good stuff. Again, the doctors visits are going to be monthly, so I’ll be seeing if you are still around then. Good luck.

  32. avatar Captain Cheezmo says:

    Check, 1, 2.

    Nope, still dead in here :L

  33. avatar Eric says:

    Girl-Chan is dead. Egoraptor should at least take this site down as a courtesy for everyone. Now it’s like Girl-Chan’s body is rotting out in the sun being picked at by birds. Girl-Chan deserves to be buried.

  34. avatar CrimsonX says:

    Sooo… girlchan is dead… huh… I guess I’ll just go and…. ummm yeah ill just go.

  35. avatar Phlail says:

    If there is never going to be another Girl-chan episode at leassst tell us! PLEAse!

  36. avatar Nashton says:

    Chan Log 36:
    Its the twenty-seventh day of November in the two thousand fourteenth year of our Lord.
    Girl Chan has not spoken since what seems like 3 years now. I re watch the VHS’s again. Oh how i miss the paradise from which she came. I long to return…

    Please, just give me that Hot Heat again… my soul burns for it as do several of my mates.

    Girl-Chan, show us your tits… i mean…. give it to us! another VHS that is…

  37. avatar Hype says:

    Well, it’s been a little over three years.

    Nice one egoraptor.

  38. avatar Waylon says:

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